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For the behalf of the group and myself, I'm so sorry for the billion non Android related wallpapers that where accepted to the group today. They are removed from the group, but unfortunately they dont magically disappear from your feed. I have blocked the person who submitted all the wallpapers and I have talked to the person who accepted them all.

Once again, I'm truly sorry inconvenience.
Hi guys!

I've been crazy busy the past months and I need some serious help keeping this group floating and popular. So, do you some sparetime left to help me (mainly) voting for new submissions etc?

Send me a note or make a comment here and tell some stuff about yourself and why just you should be a co-founder. :)
Yeah, it seems like theres a limit to deviations per folder. I "solved" by creating another folder called "Screenshots II". If you have a better idea, please tell me! :)
Theres a bug with dA and pending deviations waiting for being accepted (or declined). They expire really fast, sometimes it takes just a few hours. If your pending deviation never gets accepted or declined, please resubmit it again! :)

I have submitted a bug report and I hope they find any solution for it soon enough.
You can read all about it here:…