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Crazy! I could never imagine that the group would grow this popular when I first started it 8 months ago. :horny:

The 1000th watcher was :iconprdenko: :D

So, what do do you like and dislike with this group? Give us your criticism!
Should we add a new category with photos taken with your Android? What do you guys think? :)
The things I talked about doing in the last post have been slow going. The groups owner hundone can't afford to pay for a super group and would like to try and get donations to start the super group before resorting to the alternatives. So we'll run a quick poll to see what the real chances of us gaining enough to do this. If not, either we'll get a sponsor or I'll pay for it myself and take on the ownership operations with the owner. (Dual-Ownership). Let us know what you think.

Should we/would you donate to, creating a super group and have more robust Android content? Would you keep it just an Android art resource group? Please comment.

NOTE: We can't run a real poll on the group page as that is a super group feature. :(
I think we've reached the point release where this Operating System is valid. Google aOS has reached the stability that's expected from the current market and the sheer number of users growing have given the Mountain View, California company something to cheer about. Laptops, tablets, phones, media players and even cameras are using open source like it was the newest drug. Tablet aOS 3.0, (Honeycomb) looks fluid, beautiful and looks truly made for a tablet environment. Mobile aOS v2.3 is virtually bug free, stock and takes advantage of the latest mobile device hardware. Welcome to the digital information and socialization age.. For Real..

Sittin' Pretty:
How much do you know about Android and it's culture? We're going to begin looking for articulate article writers that have the artistic passion to cover their favorite Android OS elements and talk with members of our group that stand out as dedicated Android designers. It would be nice to hold some contests but for right now, we'll get things going and figure out our Super Group status, so we have all the available tools to us to do these great things. If you love Android and want to contribute any kind of related article content, please note us so we can talk about it.

"Danialson, again!" - Mr.Miyagi:
We've kept our staff at bay from performing submission voting actions. Think it may be time to give them another chance. We're going to draft up some guidelines for group involvement and submitting work, so they know what to expect. It would be nice to be established as a group for the onslaught of new devices we're able to customize this year and the new members it would draw in.

We've gained 500 members as of today, 200 in the last 3 months. It's time we do something with this group. More to come.
Its been brought to my attention by the founder of this group that contributors are not contributing. We've it set it up so Android deviations can be voted on for submission, which required 3 votes to be accepted or declined. Unfortunately, noone has been voting in over the week it's been open to use. Therefor, ~ebupof has asked the submissions be set back to 1 vote required and contributors are no longer able to vote on submissions. Disappointing, I realize you all are busy with things outside of DA.... We'll try and get people involved after the holidays. If you feel you have the time and energy to look at submissions and vote, send a note to the group and we'll discuss it.